Weekend Time

It’s Friday!  Hooray!  This week has been pretty low-key.  I am looking forward to some family this weekend as we head out to the country for the weekend.  Happy Friday guys and stay safe this weekend!

2016-08-18 10.52.22

1.  These tie dye shirts Ri and Corbin made at Nannie’s house are the best!  They had so much fun (and Corbin made a huge mess – shocker).  My mom got her tie dye kit and shirts at Wal-Mart but here is a similar at Amazon.  Corbin response when we un tied his shirt was “WOW!  Mommy it’s so blue.”  I think it is safe to say he is happy with his creation.

2016-08-19 08.22.48 2016-08-17 14.08.02

2.  I am trying a new class at Club Pilates (a new studio that opened right by our house) today and I am so excited.  I took a reformer class at the YMCA many years ago before our wedding and I LOVED it. I am excited to see if this place is as awesome, if not better.


3.  I am pretty much in love with Circle E. Candles (I buy them at Bucees) and I am totally digging this new scent I am trying.  Its smells so good and I feel like I am absorbing caffeine through osmosis 😉

2016-08-19 08.28.24

4.  I have 2 birthday parties and a baby shower in September and I already finished gift shopping for them.  This is HUGE for me.  I am usually a last-minute shopper and wrapper and I am really trying to change that habit.  Plus, I am going to test out doing a No Spend September (more on that later).

5.  Corbin and I tested out a pretty fun science experiment involving skittles and water this week (Thank you for the fun idea Miss Sandi).  My sweet neighbor told me about it and he LOVED it!  I want more toddler friendly experiments to do with him so if you have any favorites send them my way!

2016-08-16 15.11.09


Have a safe and DRY weekend y’all.

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weekend recap

I seriously love the weekends.  Nothing beats two full days of family time and fun time (especially when I have the weekend off)!  Two days is never enough.  Our weekend was nothing out of the ordinary but it was extraordinarily perfect.  Saturday was a LAZY day.  So Lazy in fact I really can’t remember what we did, haha!  I know Andrew mowed the lawn and after the kids went to bed Andrew and I had date night catching up on old movies from his childhood that apparently I was deprived of as a child 😉  We watched Man from the Snowy River and Return from the Snowy River. They were good classic westerns.  I enjoyed the simplicity of them how they were genuinely good clean family movies.  I only dozed off once (or twice).  Sunday we went to church (YAY) it has been way to long since we last went and I missed it.  They boys did SO awesome in kids Sunday school and Andrew and I really enjoyed the sermon.   After church, we swung by Walmart to pickup groceries.  Like literally, just pick them up.  I tried out their new service and it is AMAZING!  I ordered my groceries on line Saturday night and set up my pick up window Sunday.  You park in the designated spots, call them and tell them what number spot you are in and they bring  your groceries out to you and load them up in your trunk….for FREE ya’ll.  It was such a great experience. They even walked all of my produce/fruit and eggs up to the window so I could inspect and approve or they would trade it out.  I was skeptical.  I’m not typically a Walmart shopper, but I am converted.  My bill was cheaper than HEB/Kroger, I didn’t forget anything because I had time to create my cart in peace when my kids were sleeping Saturday night, AND  I didn’t have to deal with my 3 year and one year old in the store.  For all you other momma bears, I highly recommend this service.  (thanks Ali for telling me about it!).  You can follow this link here and receive $10 off your first trip! (Once you try it you will get a link to share with your friends and family as well!)

Andrew and I decided to conquer and divide the rest of the day.  I love it when the kids get one on one attention.  So, Andrew and Corbin went to Red Lobster for lunch and then scoped out Bass Pro shops.  Corbin LOVES that store – what boy doesn’t?  He loves to “test” drive all the 4 wheelers and boats 🙂  Wyatt and I hit up my favorite store, Trader Joes. I buy all my meat and chicken from Trader Joes.  I probably will continue to do so even after discovering the awesomeness of walmart.  I just LOVE Trader Joes quality, its affordable, and I just buy enough for the month when I am there and load it in the freezer when I get home.  My other staples from Trader Joes – fresh flowers and yogurt.  They have the cheapest and most beautiful fresh flowers and their brand yogurt is the bomb.com.  We reunited at home and went of a family power wheels/bike ride.  It was LONG but the boys did awesome and Corbs drove his racer around like nobody’s business.  After our ride, Corbin helped me make an apple pie and then we watched the olympics (its been on 24/7 since the opening ceremony – we are olympic lovers).  It was a perfect weekend. I am always so sad to see them end.  Hurry up Friday!  Happy Tuesday ya’ll!  Keep on truckin’

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Friday lovin’

It’s friday again and I am oh SO tired.  SO SO SO tired you guys.  I worked in the ER last night and it was a BUSY night.  I’m glad it is over and I am grateful at the end of each shift that I was only there to work and care for others children knowing that mine were safe and healthy asleep in bed.  I know that alone is such a gift and life is fragile and one day I might be on the other end of the stick (God willing that never happens).  With that said I am off until Tuesday (YAY!) and that means a weekend full of family and friend time!  I’m linking up for some friday favorites and five on friday again today.

  1.  The olympics have been the highlight of my week.  Maybe one of the highlights of my year (and I am only watching them from my couch).  I LOVE the olympics, I always have and this year is WOW.  These athletes are amazing and they are making America proud.  I love how the news is being filled with these joyous moments these days, they are special and so deserved.  The gymnasts and swimmers have blown me away this year.  I mean is Simone Biles a superwoman or what.  I think she has more muscles in one of her thighs than I do in my entire body – and she flies.  I have just been in awe and tears (I am a crier).2016-rio-olympics759-12.  My double stroller.  It took a long time for me to cave and buy this beauty but I seriously love it.  Baby jogger forever.  This double summit X3 has not disappointed and I am loving all the miles I am already logging on it.  I will (one day) run another marathon or ten 🙂

2016-08-10 19.13.25 2016-07-15 10.40.41

3.  The library.  (nerd alert).  I have not been to our local library in forever but I took the boys this week and we had a ton of fun.  Free and fun entertainment will always top my list.  And did you know the library has DVDs to rent…for free.  Like real legit movies – its like blockbuster(do those even still exist?) but better!

our library loot
our library loot

4.  This mug is one of the few that survived the de clutter of 2016 and currently the only one that isn’t packed away in a box.  I left it out on purpose; it is my new life motto.  cheers (yawn).  I bought 2 of these mugs (one as a gift) from MorningSunshineShop on Etsy.  I am HUGE fan of Etsy and I had the best experience with this shop.  My mugs came beautifully hand packed and with care instructions. (you can tell from my photo someone was “helping” me do dishes and it accidently got put in the dishwasher, but it still looks great!).  Nichole has SO many adorable custom mugs you can choose from – I highly recommend a visit to her cute little shop.

2016-08-11 15.39.41

5.  Thanks to the handsome hubs of mine I was able to get away for a girls night earlier in the week.  Dinner at a favorite restaurant and Bad Moms movie with some of my favorite mom friends 🙂  It was splendid.

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The Last Time

Y’all my babies are growing up.  Like at lightning speed growing up.  Am I right?!  Does anybody else feel like life’s time clock went into super speed mode once kids entered your life.  I try to soak up each moment I have with my kiddos and remember all the little things about the stages they are in that I love, but its hard.  Lets be honest, some days I pray the time away just to make it to bed time and then I tuck these boys away for the night and instantly start missing them.  Being a mom is weird and hard.  This week both of my boys decided to just grow up.  Tuesday night when Andrew came home from work we were all outside playing and Corbin wanted the training wheels off his bike.  He owned it guys.  He hopped up on that 2 wheel bike like he had done it every day of his life and just took off.  As I sat there is disbelief watching my little boy (he’s only 3) zooming away on his bike I couldn’t remember the last time I watched him ride it with the training wheels still on.  I tried so hard, but I just couldn’t remember.  In that moment If I had known it was the last time his little legs would be peddling away with the help of training wheels I probably would have soaked up every moment of the “little kid” left in him.  I suppose it God’s way of protecting us as mothers; guarding our hearts, to not realize when we are experiencing “the last time” with our kids.  If we knew every last time as it was happening life would be crippled to some degree and maybe we would shelter our kids so we could experience just one more “last time” before we let them grow up.

2016-08-09 19.49.46

you can watch a movie of his ride here.

2016-07-22 19.14.36

Wyatt is my baby.  He is a big snuggly bear with so much love and smiles for miles.  He also **loves** (or loved) his bottle something fierce.  This is my boy who refused sippy cups and was just as content with his bottle empty as he was with a full one.  He too decided to grow up on me.  He dropped his bottle love overnight.  As much as I dreaded washing bottles, I now miss it.  Had I known his last bottle was his last I probably would have rocked him to sleep as he drank it and taken careful note of his adorable chubby hand doing the one hand bottle hold as he chugged it down….bottoms up.  Alas, I did not know that would be our last bottle.  I thought for sure this would be the “battle” we had with him to transition him out of.  With that said, after 15 months of existence on this earth Wyatt has found a paci and developed a severe addiction to it in about 5 seconds flat.  The baby who acted like he was gagging every time it was offered to him as an infant is now acting like he has been deprived of life’s most precious gift his whole life.  I have no clue where he found his giraffe wub a nub….bottom of the toy bin?  a recent closet raid him and big brother did together?  All I know is that I am not going to fret the fact that my toddler is loving a paci.  I will embrace it and know that soon enough he will have his last night with his giraffe and I will miss that sweet sound of his little sucks on it and how it makes him still look my baby.

2016-08-02 14.49.12

2016-06-25 12.49.27 2016-06-11 19.15.12

Love your babies.  Embrace the season, it goes by all too fast.  I know the trenches are deep when you are trudging through them, but someday you make it through and look back and think what happened, how did we get through, how did they grow up so fast?  Each day is a gift from God, treat it as if it just might be the last time.





Hey, Monday

Hey guys…IT’S MONDAY!  I am **LOVING** every second of the olympics.  Last night I was in heaven…swimming and women’s gymnastics all night!  I am also loving how Corbin is totally into it this year.  Twice now when swimming has come on he turns to me and says I want to do that mommy!  Well ok kiddo, lets do it!  Swim lessons have been on my agenda for WAY too long and this is definitely putting a fire under my booty.  Not that I am saying I am raising the next Michael Phelps, but I want Corbin to know we support all of his dreams ( and the sooner he can swim and gain that confidence the better for safety sakes!).  He has been in this “I can’t phase”  “I can’t put my shoes on mommy, I can’t get dressed, I can’t buckle my seat.”  I have been ensuring him that yes son, you in fact CAN do all of that and you have.  It is a daily struggle to coach him along through those moments when his 3 year old I can’ts really mean I don’t want to.  We have been trying to reinforce into him that you CAN do anything you put your mind to, you may not want to do it but you CAN.  I am trying so hard to eliminate the “I can’t” attitude  from our home.

dream big little boy
dream big little boy

Speaking of swimming we spent the most fun weekend camping at Splashway. I highly recommend this water park, even if you don’t have a camper a day trip would be tons of fun for the whole family!  This park is VERY family orientated and has a large number of small children’s pools, slides, and attractions.  However, it also vibes out to those thrill seekers and older kiddos with a HUGE wave pool and 7-8 giant water slides (tube, free fall, mat, etc..).  They have lots of shaded areas for free or you can rent a cabana for the day which includes an ordering service for food and drinks.  We did not get a cabana this year (we did not know anything about the park before going) but we will probably be investing in that if we go back!  You are allowed to bring your own coolers and drinks into the park, which is also big perk for those watching the family budget.  Another aspect of splashway that I just loved is how you can feel the christ centered family approach they are bringing to the table.  The world desperately needs God to be more on the forefront and this place and serving up just that!  Every day at 1 pm the whole park does a moment of silence followed by the national anthem in honor of our soldiers and veterans, every couple of songs played over loud speakers are christian based and Sundays on the campgrounds they have church.  We did not realize about church, but man what a joy it was to be coming out of the woods on our hike Sunday morning and hear the praises of Jesus blaring over the loud speakers at the campgrounds.  We will definitely be attending church on our next stay at Splashway!  The campgrounds also boast a HUGE catch and release lake (where you can also rent canoes and paddle boats), a few playgrounds, ziplines, tractor train rides, arts and crafts, live bands and so much more.  It is affordable family fun.  We booked this trip without much research but it will become  regular spot for us – even without the water park we plan on going back to the campgrounds during the off season!

2016-08-07 11.17.24 2016-08-07 11.04.29 2016-08-07 10.40.23 2016-08-06 20.03.41 2016-08-06 19.57.47 2016-08-06 19.50.36 2016-08-06 19.45.49 2016-08-06 18.09.09 2016-08-05 20.12.28 2016-08-05 19.26.54 HDR 2016-08-05 19.06.35

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Five on Fri-YAY!

It is Fri-YAY ya’ll!  I am extra excited because I am off work until Tuesday and get to spend so much time with family this weekend.  I have been working every other night this week so I have been exhausted and just feeling like I have barely seen my family.  AND it’s time for another edition of five on Friday (i really need want to be able to insert an emoji here….is this possible in blogland?!?!?)

  1.  We buried (upside down and facing our house) a statue of St. Joseph in our front flower bed last night.  Right before Corbin put the dirt back in its place we said a prayer over our house as a family.  Ya’ll, Corbin was killing me the cuteness.  He was SO serious when I told him to pray and recited our entire meal time prayer right then and there 🙂 Andrew and I added on some extra words of thanks and requests at the end.  My dear sweet Aunt Monica was one of the most devout catholic women I know, so when our realtor asked us if we had buried St. Joseph yet I just knew that was something Aunt Monica would have told me to do on day 1 (just like she told my mom to put a statue of Mary in her front window the week of my wedding for good weather and no rain – the weather was perfect wedding day!).  St. Joseph is a patron saint and when prayed to for nine days following his burial in your yard the hope and belief is that St. Jospeh will intercede in your prayer and aid in God’s will in the selling of your home.

File Aug 05, 8 44 01 AM

  1. Cousins.  We grew up in Texas and ALL of our other family was in New York. This meant we only saw cousins and grandparents once or twice (on a good year) a year.  I remember that one of my biggest wishes as a child- that we lived closer to our family.  The time spent with my cousins growing up are some of my fondest memories and I am forever grateful that my boys have ALL of their cousins within driving distance.

2016-08-04 14.55.23

serious fort building at nannies
serious fort building at nannies
  1. Bluebell Ultimate Neapolitan.  Ya’ll.  I know I featured bluebell in last weeks five on friday and I promise this won’t become a tradition, BUT when bluebell pops up in your insta feed notifying you that Ultimate Neapolitan is their next flavor to return to stores TODAY you just die of happiness a little bit on the inside.  This my FAVORITE until the end of time.  There are some things in life that you just don’t pass up, good ice cream being one of them.  Good-bye diet.  Get in my belly now.

File Aug 05, 8 46 07 AM

  1. Fresh flowers.  One of the positive things, for me, about being on the market is that I have been keeping our island stocked with fresh flowers.  I don’t normally set aside a portion of my budget for a fresh flower supply but I just might start.  There is just something about having fresh flowers that kick starts your day, makes your house look so welcoming, and puts a smile on your face.  God’s creations are beautiful.

2016-08-01 16.43.46

  1. Chip and Jojo.  They are my kind of people.  I know that 99% of all people get the warm fuzzies from them.  I honestly believe we would be real life BFFs.  Andrew and chip are both wordworkers and pretty hilarious people.  Jojo loves to bake, decorate and garden, I love to bake, decorate and garden.  See where this going 😉 BFF in the making.  SO when I heard the news that (a) I had missed their visit to the Star Furniture in Katy you can only imagine my absolute devastation but (b) then they announced they were having a SECOND silobration in October I got super excited.  Tickets went on sale last night for a private concert (at the silos) where chip and jo will make an appearance during the weekend.  I’m not sure I’ll actually indulge in the concert tickets (as much as I would love to) but I am certainly going to beg ask Andrew if we can go back for the silobration weekend!

File Aug 05, 8 44 58 AM

Go buy you some Neapolitan and link up for some friday fun at these wonderful blogs!

And if you are having a hard time cooling off, try a leaf blower, works every time 🙂

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Weekend recap + August Goals

File Aug 02

It was a good weekend!  Long and busy, but good!  I worked Friday night, yes, I am one of those night shifters.  I work 7p-7a and no I don’t sleep.  I have always had the ability to function of off very little sleep but working night shift the past 2 years has really extended that ability.  For now, it’s awesome, we don’t have to worry about childcare, and I really enjoy the people I work with.  Ultimately I know that not sleeping for 36 hour stretches every couple of days is not good for your health so when my kids get more school age I will probably look for something more ‘normal.’  Andrew took the kids to the country to visit his parents.  (y’all he ROCKS daddy daycare.  all the time.  This road trip involved a hospital visit for his mom, lunch at chilis and a visit to the trampoline park – ALL by himself.  He is much braver than me :)).  His intentions were for me to be able to take a nap.  NO nap nellie over here did not take advantage of that.  Nope.  I came home work and started touching up walls and base boards for our open house and before I knew it I had to get ready for my baby sisters bridal shower (it was lovely).  Sunday was lazy.  We went grabbed some mexican for lunch (yum!) and then headed home for Andrew to do oil changes in the cars and I was on vacuum and detail duty.  I think I vacuumed up AT LEAST a pound of goldfish…no lie.  These kiddos of mine have really stretched my tolerance level on certain things.  I pray this week blesses our family and yours.  Mondays are always rough, but they are a fresh start.  Take advantage and make some goals.  Not only is today a Monday, but it the first of a month (August – what?!?!?!).  I know August brings a whole new level of anxiety as people prep for back to school.  Start the routine early so you are not scrambling at the end.  Today I plan on menu planning, re setting my fitness and weight loss goals, and maybe packing up a box or two (living on the optimistic side of life that our house will sooner than later :)).  Make it a good day guys!

2016-08-01 14.56.37
shower day for Shannyn #newbrinkersontheblock
playing at our favorite mexican food spot
playing at our favorite mexican food spot
2016-07-31 12.20.10
when did he get old enough to drink out of a big boy cup?!
2016-07-30 17.42.32
i got to visit my first baby, Shelby girl 🙂 she lives with my sister now <3
2016-07-29 19.26.43
playing with daddy’s toys from when he was a little boy


  • I want to actually set aside a quiet time each day and read my daily devotional.  I have had this one and when I do it I LOVE it.  We all need a daily dose of Jesus in our lives and I highly recommend it!


  • I want to stick to meal planning.  We have been listening to some of Dave Ramsey’s podcasts and I am all about saving money where we can.  #riceandbeansdiet
  • I LOVE reading – like nerd alert love it.  Since having kids it has totally hit the back burner and you can often find me snoozing the minute I open a page to any book.  I just can’t seem to figure out why I am so darn tired all the time 😉 Anybody who knows me knows of my uncanny ability to fall asleep anytime where…pretty sure I have fallen asleep mid sentence before.  So, hold me accountable I want to read two at least one book this month!  This is the book I want to read this month.  I am borrowing it from my mom.
  • 515p3OrN1KL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Health/fitness goals.  I LOVE my fitbit y’all.  I love competing with myself for steps.  I told you I am a nerd.  Anyways, my goal is to make use of my double jogger at least 3 times/week and lose 10 pounds.  I have GOT TO shed this baby weight I have been fondly hanging onto.  My husband totally rocked his weight loss challenge these past 2 months and I plan on keeping meals as healthy as possible.

  • less phone time = more play time.  Easier said than done. I am a total phone addict and my kids are noticing.  I want to play with them more while they think I am still cool.  Yesterday Corbin and I spent the afternoon hunting alligators and it was SO sweet.  I need more alligator hunts in my life 🙂
  • sell our house! 🙂

What are your goals for August?  I’ll hold myself accountable and update you on the last day of each month about how I did.  I might be reaching for the stars this month seeing as how it’s already August 2nd and I clearly wanted this to be posted yesterday AND I had a donut on my way home from work this morning.  I’m obviously winning over August like a champ 😉  With that said, we are all human and I plan on picking up and keeping the rest of my day/month on track!