Five in Friday – It’s October!

Im super pumped that tomorrow starts October!  October is one of my favorite months for so many reasons!  Bring on the pumpkins, cooler temps, our wedding anniversary and holiday planning.  This Friday has me excited for all kinds of reasons.


Our wedding anniversary is Saturday October 2! (7 years!!!)  I love Andrew so much and each passing years brings new challenges and new joys.  It is so fun living life with him by my side.  We had a goof laugh the other night when I stumbled across that FB messenger had saved every message we exchanged from when we first met.  It was perfect timing to find that and we laughed so hard about so many of the messages.  My baby sister is also getting married this month so it is now extra special!



The county fair is going on and I plan on heading up there tonight (kid free)!  Andrew and some of his buddies are on a cook off team and the wives are heading up tonight to crash the party!  I’m so excited for an evening with some of my besties.



Pumpkin patch time!  One of my longest and dearest friends Allison is coming over Saturday and we are taking the kiddos to the pumpkin patch! I love pumpkin season.  I love takin pictures in pumpkins.  I’m (PUMP)kined up!

pumpkins last year, can't wait to see how much they have grown this year and compare!
pumpkins last year, can’t wait to see how much they have grown this year and compare!


I have yet to convert to technology calendars for my life planning.  I LOVE a good paper planer with my life laid out in front of me.  I have been using May Designs for so many years now and I LOVE them!  I love customizing the design and the interior.  They are the best and SO affordable.  I can’t wait to order my 2017 planner (if I can ever decide on a design).


Halloween.  I love Halloween.  I love dressing up, I love seeing all the kiddos dressed up, I love trick or treating.  I love it all!  We have been doing family themed costumes since Corbin was born and it has been so much fun!  I wanted to do a Toy Story family this year but Corbin set me straight on our costume choices and has already picked out a costume for each of us – stay tuned!


Happy friday friends.  ENJOY your weekend!

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Palmetto State Park

We spent the weekend camping in Palmetto State Park and boy did we have a great time.  This little gem is hidden just a few miles past the    Buc-ees in Luling (so stop and get you a slurpee, some golden nuggets and a candle on your way).  We had the most perfect little spot at the bottom of the hill.  The boys had SO much fun riding their racers and bikes down the hill.  The hiking trails in the park were perfect and we escaped only having one snake encounter (yikes!) and one of us getting poison ivy (ahem, Andrew).  But seriously, they were wide enough and nice enough that I could have pushed the double stroller through them no problem.  Corbin rode his bike through them (he’s a little mountain biker in training – he rocked it), I wore bubba and Andrew wore the camel back.  I give this park a 10/10 and highly recommend a visit if you haven’t made it by yet!

our soon-to-be (hopefully) full time home

our soon-to-be (hopefully) full-time home


100% boys. 100% dirty.

best hiking trails
best hiking trails
campsite fun
campsite fun

Sigh.  It really was the best weekend.  The lightning bug catching, the s’more eating, the laughs and the memories.  I’m {SO} ready for this to be full-time {and simple} life for a bit!



Hello Friday!

It’s been a super busy few weeks so this post is full on randomness.  Happy Friday guys and I hope you weekend is filled with fun and relaxation (mine is filled with work..sigh).


Natalie Grant.  If you don’t know Natalie Grant you are missing out.  She is such a talented Christian artist.  Her voice is amazing, her songs are amazing.  She is such an inspiration.  Find her and listen to her.  SO so so good!  I listen to KSBJ in my car and there are so many talented musicians and groups out there that sing the praises of the Lord.  If you haven’t heard of KSBJ I encourage you to flip to their station (89.3 FM) and spend some time there.  Before you know it they will be taking over your radio and your life will be changed.  Natalie also just released her new book.  I ordered my copy last night (they were 50% during her FB live release event) and I cannot wait to get in the mail. 51p-9f6xeul-_sx326_bo1204203200_


I had a kid free lunch with my momma yesterday and it was so nice; good for my soul.  Momma+mexican food = perfect day.


I love quotes.  I want to make a quote and prayer journal – I even have had a book for years waiting to be transformed.  I will start it one of these days.  I love this quote.  It is words to live by.  Be kind guys.  always.  You never know the road people are walking and the battles they are fighting.



I think it is almost time for Wyatt’s first haircut.  He has got quite a little party going on in the back.  Im just not ready…why is my baby growing up?! 🙁



I always have good intentions of waking up early and just having some me time. Some quite time with my bible, time to fold the laundry, work on my blog, etc etc etc.  I am tired though ya’ll.  SO tired.  I’m trying but it’s just not happening.  I feel like most days we are flying by the seat of our pants. I hope this changes soon.  Days when I can get at least an hour to myself before the rest of the house is awake are the BEST days.

Have a good weekend friends!

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August Book Review

My goal is August was to read one book. I read three. I forgot how much I loved reading and how easy it is to get sucked into the world of literature. I so enjoyed holding good old-fashioned paperback books in my hands (thank you public library). I wrote out quick little snip its but you can also follow me on good reads here.

The Nightingale by: Kristin Hannah

Ya’ll. This book. Just stop whatever you are doing and go get this book. It is SO so so good. It chronicles the lives of two women (sisters) during WWII. This book will leave you crying – happy tears, sad tears, just because tears. The point of view it is told from is amazing and it is so hard to pull yourself away from it. I gave it 5 stars and I will be reading it again at some point!

The Shoemakers Wife by: Adriana Trigiani

This is good solid book of make you feel good. A love story driven by fate and outlined by what American dreams are made of. Deep in history, this book carries you through the era as If you were there with the characters shopping in Ciro’s shoe shop. Again I gave this book a 5/5. It was just that good.

The Husbands Secret by: Liane Moriatry

I gave this book 4/5 stars. It makes you think and really opens your eyes into how everybody has a past and you cannot (and should not) judge a person; especially when you don’t know what battles they are fighting or the truth. It was a quick read, but did hop around a bit. I really got into it about half way into the book.

I am SO happy that reading is taking a forefront in my life again.  I have missed it SO much.  I love escaping into the worlds of these stories.  what are some of your favorite or must read novels I can add to my list?



five on friday – back to school edition


The boys are required to use large canvas tote bags from the school as their bag.  Over the summer, the thought popped in my mind to handprint (or footprint for wyatt) the back of their bags at the beginning and end of each school year and when they graduate from pre-k into elementary school I will be able to use these bags with their handprints of growth to store some of my favorite childhood memories of theirs (art work, outfits, etc).  I am kinda bummed that I didn’t think of this idea sooner when Corbin was first starting school, but better late than never! ( mom confession – I couldn’t find Wyatt’s bag until the day before school started hence the name written with sharpie.)



I am going to make this school year less frantic and more happy smooth for everybody involved.  I am going to make a conscious effort to pack lunches and prepare bags the night before school.



I ordered these laces off of amazon for Corbin’s sneakers and they are lifesavers.  Gone are the days of forever untied shoe laces.  Of course when he is old enough to do the tying we will convert back but for now these are a lifesaver (and time saver!)



My pre-school moms group met again today for the time this year and it was oh so good for my soul.  I treasure these two Fridays a month of mom time.


Corbin rocked his first day of school.  He hopped out at carpool and didn’t shed a tear.  Wyatt, however, cried all day.  Bless his poor sweet self.  It broke my heart when I heard that but I have faith that he will adjust and it is good for both of us.  On my first kid free day I met a dear friend for breakfast and celebrated a new venture in her life and my kid free-ness with martinis, queso and breakfast tacos ( yes, I made an expiation for my September spending freeze – our schedules never match up and we were celebrating life!).  It was the perfect combo and the perfect date!  I then went to pilates and took a nap.  Perfect day?  YES!





We have  SUPER busy but great weekend ahead.  Have a good one friends!

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Momma’s Apple Pie

There are so many things that my mom has taught me over the years.  One of the trades I appreciate the most is the skill of making pies from scratch…and mastering the crust.  I feel like homemade pie crust is a delicacy these days and so often replaced with the pre made crusts.  Apple pie is a favorite in our house and overtime I make it I think of my mom and how we would watch her make it and catch the apple peelings before they hit the trashcan or how we would try to steal cinnamon sugar-coated apple pieces before she could put the top crust on.

Pie Crust Recipe

{single crust}

1 1/2 c. flour

1/2 c. shortening

4-5 tbsp. cold water

to bake single crust without filling: 450 degrees for 10-12 minutes

{double crust}

2 c. flour

2/3 c. shortening

5-7 tbsp cold water

cut shortening and flour together using pastry cutter.  ADD water and then stir with fork.  roll onto floured wax paper (or use the cheat method-a pie crust bag)

**ALWAYS prick bottom crust with fork before baking of any kind**

{Apple Pie}

preheat oven to 400 degrees

5-7 large granny smith apples, peeled and sliced (I use this awesome apple peeler and slicer)

place apple slices in bottom crust (remember to prick with fork first) and then mix these ingredients in a bowl and pour this over the top of the slices:

1 c. sugar

2 tbsp. flour

1 tsp cinnamon

dot with 2 tbsp. butter and cover with top crust.  Make a few knife cuts in top crust.  Bake 50 min until done. (I test by running knife through pre cut slits and making sure apples are soft and cut smoothly.) tip – I always line bottom of my oven with foil to collect dripping from pie as it cooks.  it will save you a big headache with clean up!

2016-09-05 11.44.12

2016-09-05 16.44.17

File Sep 07




Tuesday is the new Monday

I think 3 day weekends should be a state mandate.  anybody?  yes?  I mean I feel like my family was so much more refreshed and happier after 3 days together to just be.  I will keep dreaming.  We lived it up the country this weekend and it was SO nice and simple.  Can our house just go ahead and sell so we can make this our forever?!

corbin wyatt crusing2 trailer cows crusing curls stelladot brothers

Corbin had a fight with a piece of barb wire fence…but he won and it looks like his hand will remain attached to his body 🙂  We wrapped up the weekend by inviting ourselves over to dinner at some of our best friends house 😉  it was delicious and the kiddos were so happy to see each other and dig in the dirt and eat mulch ;).  It was really a great weekend.  Have a good week guys!

2016-09-05 19.00.14





IT IS FRIDAY! PTL! I am tired and so looking forward to the long holiday weekend with my family. I plan on watching some sunsets from the back porch in the country and making some memories with my kiddos.

  1. These are jeans from college. They are my inspiration right now. Whether or not I can actually ever button them again is beside the point. I tried them on today as I was hauling out my closet and I was actually able to pull them all the way up. So yes, I am dating myself as I hang my pair of  a&f jeans up for me to see as inspiration to keep on trucking.

2016-09-02 12.10.16

2.  We visited the Gallery Furniture by our house this week and it was ah-mazing. Like air conditioned zoo with free ice cream and a kid zone mattress jump area amazing. There was a giant aquarium, a tiger, birds, oversized furniture for climbing. My kids were in heaven. Did I mention the free ice cream….and cookies. I don’t know if all Gallery Furniture store are like this but if they are go have yourself the best FREE play day ever. Thank you Mattress Mak.

PicMonkey Collage

3.  We had meet the teacher this week and I totally didn’t get ANY pictures #momfail, but I know one puppy that is pretty darn excited, one clueless fish who is going to be in for the shock of his little life, and one momma who is praising the Lord for a day when she can just be and miss those kids for a little bit. Absence makes the heart grow fonder 😉

PicMonkey Collage


4.  I really need new scrubs. Like I have been a nurse for almost 10 years and have not updated my scrub bottoms in about 8 years. They ones I have right now are just SO soft. When the day comes (probably in the next year…maybe ;)) I have had my eyes on these bad boys because you can custom order the length – awesome fix for the tall girl.


5.  This motorcycle rocker has already earned its spot as a family heirloom. Both of my babies are stunt devils on it and I think it is SO adorable. Sorry daddy this one is staying in the attic forever 😉

2016-08-31 16.47.49




September Goals


Happy Fall Ya’ll 😉  I love September for so many reasons, but I especially enjoy thinking about how cooler temps are in the near future!  September is not only time for pumpkins and PSL, but it is also Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  I was a pedi hem-onc nurse for 6 years, and ya’ll, the kiddos that fight the fight of cancer are heroes.  They.  are.  awesome.  They deserve the world, they deserve a cure.  I encourage you to donate to research efforts of pediatric cancer this month if you have some extra change laying around.  Currently, only 4% of cancer research funds go towards pediatric research and lets be honest our kids deserve more than 4%.


Okie Dokie I accidentally took like a little sabbatical from blogging.  I’m glad to be back at it!  Here are my September Goals…
-September Spending Freeze.  I think this will be my hubby’s favorite goal.  EVER 😉  Other than groceries, medical expenses, and kids school I plan on going on a September spending freeze.  What does this mean?  no chic-fil-a runs, no starbucks runs before work (sorry PSL, I’ll catch ya in October!), no fun little extras here and there.  Why?  I mean why not?  I always start buying Christmas early in October so it dosen’t hit all in one month so saving extra before the holiday craziness starts just makes sense.  This dosen’t mean I can’t socialize.  We can have friends over for dinner, I can still go out and visit I just don’t need to spend the money ordering, etc, etc.  Now I do have my sisters bridal shower this month that I have to order the cake for/get fresh flowers for so that will be an outside expense.  Other than that I plan on sticking to it!

-Read 2 books.  I flew over my August goal of one book (I will review them in a later post) So this month my goal is two!  I am currently reading Thornbirds and when I finish this I plan on reading The Storyteller.

stoeryteller thornbirds

-Still working on the less phone time.  I am going to start leaving my phone in the kitchen to charge at night instead of on my bed stand.  I did this a few months ago and not quite sure why I stopped.  I am also going to be leaving my phone in the back seat of my car in my purse when driving.  I am guilty of red light phone use and it’s just silly and not needed.

-send out 2 snail mail notes this month.  Lets be honest.  Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era.  I love me some snail mail and I miss the good ‘ole days of getting a letter in the mail.  #briningitback

-SELL THE HOUSE!  I feel like this is going to be a monthly goal till the end of time at this rate.  We have decided to keep it on the market thru October and if nothing we will take off and re list in the Spring for peak season.  We listed very late this year and it has been SLOW.  It’s been hard because we were/are SO excited to get started on the next chapter, but in God’s time – not ours.  And if we end up staying until the spring and hanging out with our neighbors for longer I won’t complain 🙂

We are off to meet the teacher at MDO this morning.  woohoo!  What are your September goals?!