Finally Friday

This week is wrapping up my first full week of cutting down my working hours at the hospital.  I am now a per diem employee meaning I only work one shift per week.  I am SO excited about this and am hoping that it really brings a sense of calm, control, and REST to my life!  My top five favorites this week revolves around the awesome wildlife encounters we have had since staying in the park!


Squirrels.  Tree rats.  “qwua qwua” as bubba yells 20 times a day every time he sees one.  Whatever you wish to call them – they are by far the boys favorite wildlife in the park.  Can you blame them – they dance with us 🙂  Our squirrels got moves.

dancing with the squirrels. He squirrel is by far the boys favorite animal.


The birds.  I have never been a bird lover (actually a bit scared of them due in part of some legitimately angry birds that used to get trapped in my garage and dive bomb me), B U T the birds here y’all – they are phenomenal.  They are beautiful and I love listening to the musical landscape they provide.  I am actually wanting to get a bird feeder.  Does that make me a crazy bird lady?  Better than crazy cat lady?  #birdgirl

Andrew was able to get within 8 feet of this woodpecker and watched him for a good 10 minutes! they even played peek-a-boo


The deer are my favorite.  They are simply beautiful an I LOVE seeing them randomly throughout the day and on my runs.  Our favorite and most memorable deer encounter was not a deer in headlights 😉 BUT when a couple of campers knocked on our door at 10 pm with a baby fawn they had come across in the road.  Yep – we became wildlife rescue that night.  We have since spotted the baby with his momma so mission accomplished.


We share our yard with a small herd of armadillos.  This makes us Texans to the core right?  the little dillos are pretty cute and the boys get a kick out of them.


Across the board our least favorite critter we have run into (on more than occasion) is the snake.  gross.  Hate them – always will.  When we first got here I had bubba in his stroller and Corbs and I were walking down a hiking trail and he would not listen to me and stay in the middle.  I kept telling him there are snakes, stay away from the edge.  Corbin stopped and said “gosh mom, there are NO snakes ok.”  At that very moment about a foot ahead of Corbin I heard the grass rattling and we both looked up and out jumped a giant frog followed by a huge snake chasing him down.  Thank you God for helping me teach my son that mommy is right and there are snakes.  Corbin’s eyes about popped out of his head and he said “MOM THERE ARE SNAKES” #toldyouso

This guy greeted Andrew in the wood pile. no thanks

What is your favorite wildlife?



we are among the rich and famous

We were recently featured in a blog post by The Wandering RV.  Bill reached out to us to contribute to a post he did about why we chose to go full-time in our RV.  Along with 20 other full-timers our story got featured in his post and we are SO pumped to be listed among the elite of the RV world.  We are total newbies, so when a fellow rv-er reached out to us, we totally geeked out.  #nerdalert.  Check it out folks and then make a mental note that you know a famous family 🙂  Thanks Bill!  Let us know when you are in Texas!

I really love how our super awesome Chrismas card photo was used for our photo. #winnning