Hi y’all!  I am Janelle.  I am the voice behind Home with the Hoopers.  I am a Texas girl who loves to spend time with my family.  I am a pediatric nurse by night and a full time mommy to Corbin {3} and Wyatt {1} by day and wife to Andrew always.  I have always enjoyed the outdoors, but my husband introduced me to the RV lifestyle a year ago and we have been glamping at least once a month since!  I am a believer, and I am so grateful for my faith and  the security it provides our family as we navigate the day to day together.  I love to go ‘junking’ and collect all things old and make them my own.  I am a horned toad at heart {Go TCU} but Aggie blood also runs thick in our house.  I have a passion for traveling and like to think that one day I will actually be able to work my fancy camera, cook really well, and be super fit.  This is my journal.  This is my family.  Welcome to our circus.



Andrew is my main squeeze.  He is the funniest guy I have ever met and I love him more than I can even comprehend.  God brought us together in the most unique way and after seven short months he asked me to be his wife.  You can read about that here.  Andrew is a small town country boy.  He grew up in Lexington, TX; a town of about 1,000 people with far more head of cattle than people.  He graduted from Texas A&M university with a degree in accounting and has worked SO hard to provide a beautiful life for our family.  He is our rock.  He loves the outdoors and the country and is an all around handy man.  He seems to instantly know how to fix anything and it blows my mind.  Wood working is one of his many hobbies and you can see some of his creations here.



Corbin made me a mommy and for that I will forever be grateful.  He is freshly 3……going on 13.  He is BIG.  ALL AROUND.  Big personality, Big heart, Big boy.  He is a strong willed and very handsome little spitfire of a boy.  He is so curious, loves the outdoors and loves to figure things out.  He gives us a run for our money and most days is the reason I hit my step goal on my fitbit.  Corbin is his daddy’s clone in more ways than one and they are best of friends.  Corbin, my son, you are one of a kind and I am forever grateful that God choose me to be your mommy.  I accept the challenge with an open heart and open arms.



Wyatt is the baby of the family {for now}.  He is a total opposite from his brother, but they are the best of friends.  Watching them be brothers has truley been one of the best blessings of my life.  Wyatt is SO chill and relaxed.  He is a total go with the flow baby.  He has let his brother wrestle with him from the day he was born and he just rolls with the punches….literally.  He is such a momma’s boy and it melts my heart.  Wyatt is taking life at a much slower pace than his brother and for that I am SO grateful {thank you, God}.  He has been such a sweet surprise of a blessing to our family and a perfect fit.  I love you forever Wyatt and am also so glad that God choose me to be your mommy.  Such an honor.