Coming Soon

And just like that this sign ended up in our front yard.

2016-07-18 15.31.56(1)

Day 8 and we were feeling a bit feisty 😉 A family friend of ours is a realtor so we had him stop by this morning just to do walk thru of the house for us and help us open our eyes to what we can better or fix to get market ready. Peak selling season here is coming to an end so IF we decide to hit the GO button then we don’t want to waste any time on the selling front.  Our walk thru turned into “are we doing this? For real? I mean, ok. Lets do this!” SO we have a padlock on our door and a coming soon sign in our front yard. Pending week 2 goes well it will say For Sale. Totally a surreal day. We were not expecting a sign and seeing it is certainly bringing many emotions to surface. Excitement, fear, sadness. We are still so very sad at the thought of leaving our RCR family and our very first home that we have poured so much love and labor into. We also know that we can’t let fear and what seems easy guide our future and for that we are VERY excited. We can’t wait to see the doors that open and opportunities that God provides our family. With that said, neighbors…plan on us crashing every RCR gathering that goes down 😉 and seeing our cars here often because it will always be our first home and our ties here are strong #faloopers forever.




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