Five on Friday


We had the best time celebrating our anniversary last weekend.  Top golf, Sully (excellent movie) and dinner.  It was a perfect afternoon/evening away from the kiddos to just be with each other!



The kiddos and I trucked to the zoo on Monday with some dear friends.  We got to pet a snake and saw so many of our favorite animals.  The weather was perfect and it made a great start for the week!



I have been taking the kiddos on a bike ride or running every night that I am not working.  It has easily become my favorite part of the day.  It helps burn off some extra energy so by the time we get home every one gets baths and goes to bed without fights.  On a side note – I found this bike seat for bubba and it is amazing!  He loves sitting up front and pretend like he is driving.  I feel very stable with him up front and I defiantly highly recommend this seat!



Last Friday night the wives joined our hubbies on the BBQ cool off team up at the Fort Bend County Fair.  We stopped and had margaritas prior to our arrival and then feasted on ribs, chicken, and brisket when we arrived.  I feel like my hair is still lingering with the smell of BBQ a week later, but it was so worth it.  They guys are already planning next years cook-off.  I hit up our local farmers market last Saturday for the first time and I loved it.  I loved supporting our local businesses and I totally scored some yummy treats!  I plan on going again this week after my pilates class Saturday morning.  One of my besties also came over Saturday and we ventured to the mall for an old navy excursion (Corbin was convinced we could buy the dog and threw a fit when he realized we couldn’t bring it home with us) and lunch before heading to the pumpkin patch.  We had the BEST time at the pumpkin patch…the kids ran wild and Ali and I got to eat funnel cake.  win, win.  We shut the place down and called it a successful Saturday!



I remember a few years ago when ankle booties came into style I shunned them away and swore I would never convert to that style.  Well, my friends, I have converted and I am in love.  Ankle booties, especially in these mild Texas fall/winters are the best thing ever.  I love them. I am on search for an open toe pair like these.._13070093

have a great weekend guys!

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  1. Love reading this so I know about all your adventures. It’s hard to let grandparents know everything about our babies so this is great.Love all the pictures, Janelle keep up the great blog. Love yall

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