Five on Friday – Goals Edition

Hello my loyal blog followers, so basically hi Hubby, mama and steph 😉  I know I have said this before but I am just SO excited for 2017.  I have never felt more driven and empowered before.  I am making goals and actually sticking to them.  right?!  crazy talk.  Here are some tips of things I have been doing to help me stay on top of my goals.


Be intentional.  Make goals about things you are passionate about.  When you have an internal drive towards something in particular it is going to help drive you externally to achieve these goals.  For me I am being more intentional about saying “NO.”  I feel like one of my weaknesses in life is that I am a people pleaser.  I never say no.  I have started guys and guess what.  I am happier AND I am achieving more of my personal goals.  Just because I don’t go on a playdate everyday doesn’t mean I don’t want to see my friends or that my kids are deprived, but the ones we do go have become more intentional and for that I am thankful.  I have tried to apply this concept to all areas of my life and I truly am pursing my passions on the side this year instead of trying to do it all.


Make lists.  I know, I know.  This belongs in goal making 101. BUT it just holds so much truth.  When you make a simple bullet point list to lay out your day before you, it forces you to become more intentional with your actions to get through that list.  Put EVERYTHING on there that you want to get to done (quiet time, work out, laundry, make dinner, etc) and prioritize it if you can.  Whatever doesn’t get checked off automatically gets floated to the next days list.  I use the weekly part of my planner for my list making.  I use my monthly part so I can see all my big things laid out at once (DR appointments, when I work, plans with friends, etc).  This has been working SO well with me.  The very first thing on my list every day is my quiet time.  If I achieve nothing else on my list other than spending 5 minutes with the Lord then I will call it a successful day.  And guys, this week, I have been surviving.  Both my kiddos have been sick, so I have missed quiet time twice and gotten nothing else done on my list.  But that’s ok, I still made a list everyday and I moved everything onwards to the next day that I wasn’t able to accomplish the day before.


Set yourself up for success.  If your goal is to work out at 5 am, sleep in your workout clothes.  If your goal is to wake up and have quiet time with a cup of tea, set everything out before you go to bed so you know its waiting on you in the morning.  Be realistic and help yourself the night before as much as you can.  One thing I have been doing to try to help this is to make sure my dishwasher is empty before I go to bed.  Silly but for me waking up and not having a pile of dishes in the sink automatically makes my day better.  I also have been making kids lunches the night before on school days and what a game changer that is.  I am such a nicer mom on school days when I’m not rushing everyone out the door in a mad frenzy.


Accountability.  Share your goals with someone.  Put it out there on social media.  Call your best friend and tell them.  Write it down for people in your home to see.  Make yourself accountable somehow.  For me, one of my goals (since like forever) has been to finally lose some of this baby weight.  My neighbor had the same goal.  SO what we did we do?  Made it a family affair.  Husband/wife teams.  We set a start date and end date.  We created a group within a workout app so we can see when the others are working out, we weigh in every Monday morning and send our numbers into the spreadsheet.  It works.  We are having fun with it – right ridge runners??? 😉 and it is holding us all accountable.  Who doesn’t like a little friendly competition.


Give yourself GRACE.  In all that you do, give yourself grace.  God did not create us to be perfect.  He created us to be good.  Good people, Good stewards of our faith, good husbands/wives, good mothers/fathers.  No where in the Bible has God set up the expectation of perfection, so why would we burden ourselves with that expectation?  It is not possible.  We are human flesh, at the end of the day we will not achieve perfection, it is not within our reach.  So, step back and give yourself grace.  Be kind.  Look at people and smile.  Try your hardest to be the best you can be each day.

I hope to be back on my game with Friday link-ups, but if I fall off the wagon again, it’s ok.  God willing I have MANY MANY more Fridays to live.


Enjoy your weekend friends!



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