Friday Favs


Asics gel-nimbus running shoes.  These shoes are like running on clouds.  I don’t love the price tag, but I do love the shoe.  I am getting my booty back in gear and hitting the pavement again and I had worn my old running shoes into the ground.  My boys bought me a new pair for Mothers Day 🙂  If you are in the search for a good pair of running shoes, I highly recommend these


This stroller makes my runs ah-mazing.  Well, as amazing as running while pushing over 100 pounds can be 😉  I almost always have my babies with my on my runs.  This stroller distributes their weight so evenly and it is so smooth and easy to push.  We are limited on storage these days and the easy on/off wheels on this jogger makes it so easy and compact for storage in my car to keep it out of the elements when not in use!


As I was organizing and planning how I wanted everything in the RV I realized the eating situation if folding and unfolding a table at every meal was not the most ideal – especially with the boys.  I went on a hunt for the perfect table and chairs that would withstand all their roughness 🙂  I found this set at Target and instantly fell in love.  It is the perfect fit and super sturdy.  I also love how it is metal, so the table surface doubles as a magnetic learning station as well for their magnetic alphabet letters and numbers!


Picasso tiles magnetic playset are by far one of the coolest inventions ever.  My boys are in love with these and each play session usually lasts a minimum of 30 minutes of complete amazement.  It really pushes their creativity and problem solving skills.  Mommy and Daddy think they are pretty fun to play with as well!


Our carpet in the RV is super low quality and we knew we wanted to preserve it as long as possible.  Andrew had the great idea of getting some runners to place down and I found this one that we love.  It is such a great quality and feels amazing to walk on!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.



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