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It’s friday again and I am oh SO tired.  SO SO SO tired you guys.  I worked in the ER last night and it was a BUSY night.  I’m glad it is over and I am grateful at the end of each shift that I was only there to work and care for others children knowing that mine were safe and healthy asleep in bed.  I know that alone is such a gift and life is fragile and one day I might be on the other end of the stick (God willing that never happens).  With that said I am off until Tuesday (YAY!) and that means a weekend full of family and friend time!  I’m linking up for some friday favorites and five on friday again today.

  1.  The olympics have been the highlight of my week.  Maybe one of the highlights of my year (and I am only watching them from my couch).  I LOVE the olympics, I always have and this year is WOW.  These athletes are amazing and they are making America proud.  I love how the news is being filled with these joyous moments these days, they are special and so deserved.  The gymnasts and swimmers have blown me away this year.  I mean is Simone Biles a superwoman or what.  I think she has more muscles in one of her thighs than I do in my entire body – and she flies.  I have just been in awe and tears (I am a crier).2016-rio-olympics759-12.  My double stroller.  It took a long time for me to cave and buy this beauty but I seriously love it.  Baby jogger forever.  This double summit X3 has not disappointed and I am loving all the miles I am already logging on it.  I will (one day) run another marathon or ten 🙂

2016-08-10 19.13.25 2016-07-15 10.40.41

3.  The library.  (nerd alert).  I have not been to our local library in forever but I took the boys this week and we had a ton of fun.  Free and fun entertainment will always top my list.  And did you know the library has DVDs to rent…for free.  Like real legit movies – its like blockbuster(do those even still exist?) but better!

our library loot
our library loot

4.  This mug is one of the few that survived the de clutter of 2016 and currently the only one that isn’t packed away in a box.  I left it out on purpose; it is my new life motto.  cheers (yawn).  I bought 2 of these mugs (one as a gift) from MorningSunshineShop on Etsy.  I am HUGE fan of Etsy and I had the best experience with this shop.  My mugs came beautifully hand packed and with care instructions. (you can tell from my photo someone was “helping” me do dishes and it accidently got put in the dishwasher, but it still looks great!).  Nichole has SO many adorable custom mugs you can choose from – I highly recommend a visit to her cute little shop.

2016-08-11 15.39.41

5.  Thanks to the handsome hubs of mine I was able to get away for a girls night earlier in the week.  Dinner at a favorite restaurant and Bad Moms movie with some of my favorite mom friends 🙂  It was splendid.

2016-08-08 23.37.25


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