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Hey guys…IT’S MONDAY!  I am **LOVING** every second of the olympics.  Last night I was in heaven…swimming and women’s gymnastics all night!  I am also loving how Corbin is totally into it this year.  Twice now when swimming has come on he turns to me and says I want to do that mommy!  Well ok kiddo, lets do it!  Swim lessons have been on my agenda for WAY too long and this is definitely putting a fire under my booty.  Not that I am saying I am raising the next Michael Phelps, but I want Corbin to know we support all of his dreams ( and the sooner he can swim and gain that confidence the better for safety sakes!).  He has been in this “I can’t phase”  “I can’t put my shoes on mommy, I can’t get dressed, I can’t buckle my seat.”  I have been ensuring him that yes son, you in fact CAN do all of that and you have.  It is a daily struggle to coach him along through those moments when his 3 year old I can’ts really mean I don’t want to.  We have been trying to reinforce into him that you CAN do anything you put your mind to, you may not want to do it but you CAN.  I am trying so hard to eliminate the “I can’t” attitude  from our home.

dream big little boy
dream big little boy

Speaking of swimming we spent the most fun weekend camping at Splashway. I highly recommend this water park, even if you don’t have a camper a day trip would be tons of fun for the whole family!  This park is VERY family orientated and has a large number of small children’s pools, slides, and attractions.  However, it also vibes out to those thrill seekers and older kiddos with a HUGE wave pool and 7-8 giant water slides (tube, free fall, mat, etc..).  They have lots of shaded areas for free or you can rent a cabana for the day which includes an ordering service for food and drinks.  We did not get a cabana this year (we did not know anything about the park before going) but we will probably be investing in that if we go back!  You are allowed to bring your own coolers and drinks into the park, which is also big perk for those watching the family budget.  Another aspect of splashway that I just loved is how you can feel the christ centered family approach they are bringing to the table.  The world desperately needs God to be more on the forefront and this place and serving up just that!  Every day at 1 pm the whole park does a moment of silence followed by the national anthem in honor of our soldiers and veterans, every couple of songs played over loud speakers are christian based and Sundays on the campgrounds they have church.  We did not realize about church, but man what a joy it was to be coming out of the woods on our hike Sunday morning and hear the praises of Jesus blaring over the loud speakers at the campgrounds.  We will definitely be attending church on our next stay at Splashway!  The campgrounds also boast a HUGE catch and release lake (where you can also rent canoes and paddle boats), a few playgrounds, ziplines, tractor train rides, arts and crafts, live bands and so much more.  It is affordable family fun.  We booked this trip without much research but it will become  regular spot for us – even without the water park we plan on going back to the campgrounds during the off season!

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