It’s Monday


It has been TOO long since my last post.  I know.  Lately I’m drowning in this whole life gig.  Life has been busy and I have been SO tired.  Last night I called it quits and went to bed at 715.  10 hours and 47 glorious minutes later (according to my fitbit) I feel somewhat refreshed and ready to tackle on the coming weeks.  I had the privilege and honor of being the Maid of Honor in my baby sisters wedding this weekend.  She was the most beautiful, most happy and most humble bride I have ever seen.  It was so surreal to watch her walk down the aisle and is now one of my favorite memories.  I celebrated and celebrated and celebrated – until about 5 am in the morning.  It was the most fun time visiting with our family from out-of-town and I will cherish that night forever.  I get a few awesome pictures at the after party that I am holding onto to for a later date, but did capture a few pictures of this special day 🙂picmonkey-collage

I loved getting to see my family all dressed up and looking so handsome.  Corbin rocked his ring bearer duties in rehearsal but wanted nothing to do with it wedding day.  He ended up walking down the aisle holding my hand – it was just as adorable.  A BIG thank you to my in-laws for picking the kiddos at the reception so Andrew and I could kick back and enjoy ourselves!


We got to rehearsal super early (gold star for mom – and 5 gold stars for Andrew for rocking the day weekend and helping me be where I needed to be, the kids where they needed to be and keeping the house clean for showings/open house/etc – he rocked it ya’ll).  I loved my time with just Corbs and he loved the fact I pulled out the snapchat filters.  #snapchatforthewin Andrew and Wyatt had a fun daddy/son night and both the boys got to go to the car show with Saturday morning before the wedding.


picmonkey-collageThursday night kicked off the whole wedding weekend with a night of bachelorette shenanigans.  We had a pallet sign making party and it was a hit!  Pizza, pie, pallets, paint, and booze.  winning.  I made a few gems but this is by far my favorite.  When our house sells and we go full-time I plan on hanging it from our 5th wheel hitch.


Sunday was filled with family, Mexican food, naps (for me – thanks Daddy) and some outside play time.  It was the perfect end to a truly perfect weekend.  I love you Shannyn and Jared and wish ya’ll nothing but happiness.  #newbrinkersontheblock





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