September Goals


Happy Fall Ya’ll 😉  I love September for so many reasons, but I especially enjoy thinking about how cooler temps are in the near future!  September is not only time for pumpkins and PSL, but it is also Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  I was a pedi hem-onc nurse for 6 years, and ya’ll, the kiddos that fight the fight of cancer are heroes.  They.  are.  awesome.  They deserve the world, they deserve a cure.  I encourage you to donate to research efforts of pediatric cancer this month if you have some extra change laying around.  Currently, only 4% of cancer research funds go towards pediatric research and lets be honest our kids deserve more than 4%.


Okie Dokie I accidentally took like a little sabbatical from blogging.  I’m glad to be back at it!  Here are my September Goals…
-September Spending Freeze.  I think this will be my hubby’s favorite goal.  EVER 😉  Other than groceries, medical expenses, and kids school I plan on going on a September spending freeze.  What does this mean?  no chic-fil-a runs, no starbucks runs before work (sorry PSL, I’ll catch ya in October!), no fun little extras here and there.  Why?  I mean why not?  I always start buying Christmas early in October so it dosen’t hit all in one month so saving extra before the holiday craziness starts just makes sense.  This dosen’t mean I can’t socialize.  We can have friends over for dinner, I can still go out and visit I just don’t need to spend the money ordering, etc, etc.  Now I do have my sisters bridal shower this month that I have to order the cake for/get fresh flowers for so that will be an outside expense.  Other than that I plan on sticking to it!

-Read 2 books.  I flew over my August goal of one book (I will review them in a later post) So this month my goal is two!  I am currently reading Thornbirds and when I finish this I plan on reading The Storyteller.

stoeryteller thornbirds

-Still working on the less phone time.  I am going to start leaving my phone in the kitchen to charge at night instead of on my bed stand.  I did this a few months ago and not quite sure why I stopped.  I am also going to be leaving my phone in the back seat of my car in my purse when driving.  I am guilty of red light phone use and it’s just silly and not needed.

-send out 2 snail mail notes this month.  Lets be honest.  Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era.  I love me some snail mail and I miss the good ‘ole days of getting a letter in the mail.  #briningitback

-SELL THE HOUSE!  I feel like this is going to be a monthly goal till the end of time at this rate.  We have decided to keep it on the market thru October and if nothing we will take off and re list in the Spring for peak season.  We listed very late this year and it has been SLOW.  It’s been hard because we were/are SO excited to get started on the next chapter, but in God’s time – not ours.  And if we end up staying until the spring and hanging out with our neighbors for longer I won’t complain 🙂

We are off to meet the teacher at MDO this morning.  woohoo!  What are your September goals?!






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