Five in Friday – It’s October!

Im super pumped that tomorrow starts October!  October is one of my favorite months for so many reasons!  Bring on the pumpkins, cooler temps, our wedding anniversary and holiday planning.  This Friday has me excited for all kinds of reasons.


Our wedding anniversary is Saturday October 2! (7 years!!!)  I love Andrew so much and each passing years brings new challenges and new joys.  It is so fun living life with him by my side.  We had a goof laugh the other night when I stumbled across that FB messenger had saved every message we exchanged from when we first met.  It was perfect timing to find that and we laughed so hard about so many of the messages.  My baby sister is also getting married this month so it is now extra special!



The county fair is going on and I plan on heading up there tonight (kid free)!  Andrew and some of his buddies are on a cook off team and the wives are heading up tonight to crash the party!  I’m so excited for an evening with some of my besties.



Pumpkin patch time!  One of my longest and dearest friends Allison is coming over Saturday and we are taking the kiddos to the pumpkin patch! I love pumpkin season.  I love takin pictures in pumpkins.  I’m (PUMP)kined up!

pumpkins last year, can't wait to see how much they have grown this year and compare!
pumpkins last year, can’t wait to see how much they have grown this year and compare!


I have yet to convert to technology calendars for my life planning.  I LOVE a good paper planer with my life laid out in front of me.  I have been using May Designs for so many years now and I LOVE them!  I love customizing the design and the interior.  They are the best and SO affordable.  I can’t wait to order my 2017 planner (if I can ever decide on a design).


Halloween.  I love Halloween.  I love dressing up, I love seeing all the kiddos dressed up, I love trick or treating.  I love it all!  We have been doing family themed costumes since Corbin was born and it has been so much fun!  I wanted to do a Toy Story family this year but Corbin set me straight on our costume choices and has already picked out a costume for each of us – stay tuned!


Happy friday friends.  ENJOY your weekend!

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two weeks.  14 days.  We survived 14 days in the wilderness, er, our camper.  We had lots of laughs, made lots of memories, shed some tears, and are currently battling a poison ivy (or something of the sorts) outbreak on Corbin.  Are we scared of this lifestyle?  Not at all.  Are we excited?  Totally!  Are we doing this, like really uprooting our family and moving into a 300 square foot camper?  YES!  Our home officially listed on HAR yesterday and we had our first open house today….whoop!  So now we wait.  I am learning that I am much more impatient than I thought.  In my mind I was expecting our house to be scooped up off the market in 24 hours 😉  Reality check.  I’m partial and not everybody may think it is as quite of an awesome house as I do.  It is though.  It really is.  And the walls are filled with lots and lots of love and lots of good happy memories.  BUT I get it.  I must be patient.  God is training us in this area.  Today as we prepared for our open house was a true test of that.  We were having communication issues between our AC and our phones to verify that the temperature was cooling.  We packed our camper up and headed home early from our weekend on the lake to ensure the house would be nice and cool for the open house.  As we were racing the clock to make it home on time we had to stop 3 times to re-plug in the camper break lights that kept getting knocked loose (which has NEVER happened before) and then we got stuck behind a huge funeral procession that had traffic stopped.  We made it though and our house was cold…praise God!  We wished our realtor good luck and headed to the Kroger parking lot to “camp” during the open house.  Yep, you read that.  We were boondocking at Kroger.  We got the kids fed and got some grocery shopping done.  One stop shopping.  We briefly debated boondocking full time.  Parking lot hopping.  Walking distance to the grocery store one day academy the next.  Kidding.  kind of 😉  Best part? Our best friends and neighbors just happened to be grocery shopping during hour 2 of our little campout and spotted our camper in the back of the lot and started banging down our camper door.  It was so nice to have their unplanned visit and their little boy got a kick that we set up our camper in the parking lot.

2016-07-24 17.49.13 2016-07-24 15.39.45

Looking over our two weeks I can easily say it flew by.  I am not surprised by this as I feel like life’s clock has exponentially gotten faster since we had children.  I wholeheartedly agree with the quote that the days are long but the years are short.  For this very reason I know that this goal of ours is within total reach.  The time in our camper before we find our next home is going to FLY by and I truly believe 10 years from now when we are looking back on our life and our marriage that this will become one of our favorite seasons.  Most likely one of the hardest, but often times those have a way of becoming the ones you look back on the most and treasure the closest.  I feel over these 2 weeks Andrew and I have become more of single unit as we have had to help each out more than normal.  We worked as a team and were very efficient.  Last Sunday, we purchased new landscaping to brighten up the front yard for photography for our listing and had it all planted watered and were back at the camper grilling within 2 hours.  We have had to learn how to conquer bed/bath time routines and how to childproof our camper.  A post on that coming soon.  We had to figure work schedules and how to manage alarms and get going in the morning without waking our sleeping dragons children.  We got through it together.  I could not and would not want to do it alone. Together we are stronger and I feel like these 2 weeks made that particular quality shine.  It is now out of our hands.  God’s plan will be shown over the next couple of weeks.  Our house must sell before we can officially start this crazy awesome adventure.  I have faith that if it is meant to be then everything will fall into place.  Until our answer is clear, I will sit back and be impatiently waiting.

2016-07-22 12.23.31

2016-07-21 14.28.20 2016-07-20 08.42.10 Photo Jul 17, 4 38 29 PM

2016-07-21 19.50.48

We had lots of inside time week 2 due to Corbin’s rash but we did manage to sneak out for milkshakes, haircuts and house prep for selling.

Here is exhibit “A” as to why during this stage in our life we need no more than 300 square feet 😉

2016-07-23 09.24.02