Hello Friday!

It’s been a super busy few weeks so this post is full on randomness.  Happy Friday guys and I hope you weekend is filled with fun and relaxation (mine is filled with work..sigh).


Natalie Grant.  If you don’t know Natalie Grant you are missing out.  She is such a talented Christian artist.  Her voice is amazing, her songs are amazing.  She is such an inspiration.  Find her and listen to her.  SO so so good!  I listen to KSBJ in my car and there are so many talented musicians and groups out there that sing the praises of the Lord.  If you haven’t heard of KSBJ I encourage you to flip to their station (89.3 FM) and spend some time there.  Before you know it they will be taking over your radio and your life will be changed.  Natalie also just released her new book.  I ordered my copy last night (they were 50% during her FB live release event) and I cannot wait to get in the mail. 51p-9f6xeul-_sx326_bo1204203200_


I had a kid free lunch with my momma yesterday and it was so nice; good for my soul.  Momma+mexican food = perfect day.


I love quotes.  I want to make a quote and prayer journal – I even have had a book for years waiting to be transformed.  I will start it one of these days.  I love this quote.  It is words to live by.  Be kind guys.  always.  You never know the road people are walking and the battles they are fighting.



I think it is almost time for Wyatt’s first haircut.  He has got quite a little party going on in the back.  Im just not ready…why is my baby growing up?! 🙁



I always have good intentions of waking up early and just having some me time. Some quite time with my bible, time to fold the laundry, work on my blog, etc etc etc.  I am tired though ya’ll.  SO tired.  I’m trying but it’s just not happening.  I feel like most days we are flying by the seat of our pants. I hope this changes soon.  Days when I can get at least an hour to myself before the rest of the house is awake are the BEST days.

Have a good weekend friends!

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