I have an huge fear of birds, but I think I'll keep these little birdies
I have an huge fear of birds, but I think I’ll keep these little birdies

These two. Right here. They are my heart beating on the outside of my body. As hard and challenging every SO many of the days are right now I would not trade one second of having them. They are our biggest blessings and our biggest adventure. Raising them is my honor and privilege.


I am a blue bell fanatic and I am dying to try out their new flavor. Anybody else? My problem is I can never just “try” it. One spoonful turns into one pint mighty quick 😉


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We have another open house this weekend. I am so anxious. I so badly want this “plan” we have to work out. I am trying to remind myself, and be at peace, that sometimes God’s plan is not our plan. I pray that is not the case for our home selling. I also pray that the PERFECT buyer comes along. I pray that the future homeowners will love this house as much as we have and take advantage of the awesome neighbors that come along with it.

My hubby and I have been running together and I am totally loving the bonding time. On Wednesday we ran to the grocery store to get milk. We were those people, hot and sweaty, hanging out in the cold dairy section for wayyyy to long before the jog home. Texas heat is not for the weary.

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These girls are life long friends – through thick and thin.  I am SO happy our paths crossed like a million years ago.  We had so much fun meeting aunt jenn for lunch.  She loves it when we bring the traveling circus her way 🙂

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This is my very first link up and I am loving it. My blog is two weeks new. Stay for a bit and catch up on our story 🙂


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