five on friday – back to school edition


The boys are required to use large canvas tote bags from the school as their bag.  Over the summer, the thought popped in my mind to handprint (or footprint for wyatt) the back of their bags at the beginning and end of each school year and when they graduate from pre-k into elementary school I will be able to use these bags with their handprints of growth to store some of my favorite childhood memories of theirs (art work, outfits, etc).  I am kinda bummed that I didn’t think of this idea sooner when Corbin was first starting school, but better late than never! ( mom confession – I couldn’t find Wyatt’s bag until the day before school started hence the name written with sharpie.)



I am going to make this school year less frantic and more happy smooth for everybody involved.  I am going to make a conscious effort to pack lunches and prepare bags the night before school.



I ordered these laces off of amazon for Corbin’s sneakers and they are lifesavers.  Gone are the days of forever untied shoe laces.  Of course when he is old enough to do the tying we will convert back but for now these are a lifesaver (and time saver!)



My pre-school moms group met again today for the time this year and it was oh so good for my soul.  I treasure these two Fridays a month of mom time.


Corbin rocked his first day of school.  He hopped out at carpool and didn’t shed a tear.  Wyatt, however, cried all day.  Bless his poor sweet self.  It broke my heart when I heard that but I have faith that he will adjust and it is good for both of us.  On my first kid free day I met a dear friend for breakfast and celebrated a new venture in her life and my kid free-ness with martinis, queso and breakfast tacos ( yes, I made an expiation for my September spending freeze – our schedules never match up and we were celebrating life!).  It was the perfect combo and the perfect date!  I then went to pilates and took a nap.  Perfect day?  YES!





We have  SUPER busy but great weekend ahead.  Have a good one friends!

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IT IS FRIDAY! PTL! I am tired and so looking forward to the long holiday weekend with my family. I plan on watching some sunsets from the back porch in the country and making some memories with my kiddos.

  1. These are jeans from college. They are my inspiration right now. Whether or not I can actually ever button them again is beside the point. I tried them on today as I was hauling out my closet and I was actually able to pull them all the way up. So yes, I am dating myself as I hang my pair of  a&f jeans up for me to see as inspiration to keep on trucking.

2016-09-02 12.10.16

2.  We visited the Gallery Furniture by our house this week and it was ah-mazing. Like air conditioned zoo with free ice cream and a kid zone mattress jump area amazing. There was a giant aquarium, a tiger, birds, oversized furniture for climbing. My kids were in heaven. Did I mention the free ice cream….and cookies. I don’t know if all Gallery Furniture store are like this but if they are go have yourself the best FREE play day ever. Thank you Mattress Mak.

PicMonkey Collage

3.  We had meet the teacher this week and I totally didn’t get ANY pictures #momfail, but I know one puppy that is pretty darn excited, one clueless fish who is going to be in for the shock of his little life, and one momma who is praising the Lord for a day when she can just be and miss those kids for a little bit. Absence makes the heart grow fonder 😉

PicMonkey Collage


4.  I really need new scrubs. Like I have been a nurse for almost 10 years and have not updated my scrub bottoms in about 8 years. They ones I have right now are just SO soft. When the day comes (probably in the next year…maybe ;)) I have had my eyes on these bad boys because you can custom order the length – awesome fix for the tall girl.


5.  This motorcycle rocker has already earned its spot as a family heirloom. Both of my babies are stunt devils on it and I think it is SO adorable. Sorry daddy this one is staying in the attic forever 😉

2016-08-31 16.47.49