It’s Monday


It has been TOO long since my last post.  I know.  Lately I’m drowning in this whole life gig.  Life has been busy and I have been SO tired.  Last night I called it quits and went to bed at 715.  10 hours and 47 glorious minutes later (according to my fitbit) I feel somewhat refreshed and ready to tackle on the coming weeks.  I had the privilege and honor of being the Maid of Honor in my baby sisters wedding this weekend.  She was the most beautiful, most happy and most humble bride I have ever seen.  It was so surreal to watch her walk down the aisle and is now one of my favorite memories.  I celebrated and celebrated and celebrated – until about 5 am in the morning.  It was the most fun time visiting with our family from out-of-town and I will cherish that night forever.  I get a few awesome pictures at the after party that I am holding onto to for a later date, but did capture a few pictures of this special day 🙂picmonkey-collage

I loved getting to see my family all dressed up and looking so handsome.  Corbin rocked his ring bearer duties in rehearsal but wanted nothing to do with it wedding day.  He ended up walking down the aisle holding my hand – it was just as adorable.  A BIG thank you to my in-laws for picking the kiddos at the reception so Andrew and I could kick back and enjoy ourselves!


We got to rehearsal super early (gold star for mom – and 5 gold stars for Andrew for rocking the day weekend and helping me be where I needed to be, the kids where they needed to be and keeping the house clean for showings/open house/etc – he rocked it ya’ll).  I loved my time with just Corbs and he loved the fact I pulled out the snapchat filters.  #snapchatforthewin Andrew and Wyatt had a fun daddy/son night and both the boys got to go to the car show with Saturday morning before the wedding.


picmonkey-collageThursday night kicked off the whole wedding weekend with a night of bachelorette shenanigans.  We had a pallet sign making party and it was a hit!  Pizza, pie, pallets, paint, and booze.  winning.  I made a few gems but this is by far my favorite.  When our house sells and we go full-time I plan on hanging it from our 5th wheel hitch.


Sunday was filled with family, Mexican food, naps (for me – thanks Daddy) and some outside play time.  It was the perfect end to a truly perfect weekend.  I love you Shannyn and Jared and wish ya’ll nothing but happiness.  #newbrinkersontheblock





Five on Friday


We had the best time celebrating our anniversary last weekend.  Top golf, Sully (excellent movie) and dinner.  It was a perfect afternoon/evening away from the kiddos to just be with each other!



The kiddos and I trucked to the zoo on Monday with some dear friends.  We got to pet a snake and saw so many of our favorite animals.  The weather was perfect and it made a great start for the week!



I have been taking the kiddos on a bike ride or running every night that I am not working.  It has easily become my favorite part of the day.  It helps burn off some extra energy so by the time we get home every one gets baths and goes to bed without fights.  On a side note – I found this bike seat for bubba and it is amazing!  He loves sitting up front and pretend like he is driving.  I feel very stable with him up front and I defiantly highly recommend this seat!



Last Friday night the wives joined our hubbies on the BBQ cool off team up at the Fort Bend County Fair.  We stopped and had margaritas prior to our arrival and then feasted on ribs, chicken, and brisket when we arrived.  I feel like my hair is still lingering with the smell of BBQ a week later, but it was so worth it.  They guys are already planning next years cook-off.  I hit up our local farmers market last Saturday for the first time and I loved it.  I loved supporting our local businesses and I totally scored some yummy treats!  I plan on going again this week after my pilates class Saturday morning.  One of my besties also came over Saturday and we ventured to the mall for an old navy excursion (Corbin was convinced we could buy the dog and threw a fit when he realized we couldn’t bring it home with us) and lunch before heading to the pumpkin patch.  We had the BEST time at the pumpkin patch…the kids ran wild and Ali and I got to eat funnel cake.  win, win.  We shut the place down and called it a successful Saturday!



I remember a few years ago when ankle booties came into style I shunned them away and swore I would never convert to that style.  Well, my friends, I have converted and I am in love.  Ankle booties, especially in these mild Texas fall/winters are the best thing ever.  I love them. I am on search for an open toe pair like these.._13070093

have a great weekend guys!

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Tuesday is the new Monday

I think 3 day weekends should be a state mandate.  anybody?  yes?  I mean I feel like my family was so much more refreshed and happier after 3 days together to just be.  I will keep dreaming.  We lived it up the country this weekend and it was SO nice and simple.  Can our house just go ahead and sell so we can make this our forever?!

corbin wyatt crusing2 trailer cows crusing curls stelladot brothers

Corbin had a fight with a piece of barb wire fence…but he won and it looks like his hand will remain attached to his body 🙂  We wrapped up the weekend by inviting ourselves over to dinner at some of our best friends house 😉  it was delicious and the kiddos were so happy to see each other and dig in the dirt and eat mulch ;).  It was really a great weekend.  Have a good week guys!

2016-09-05 19.00.14




Hey, Monday

Hey guys…IT’S MONDAY!  I am **LOVING** every second of the olympics.  Last night I was in heaven…swimming and women’s gymnastics all night!  I am also loving how Corbin is totally into it this year.  Twice now when swimming has come on he turns to me and says I want to do that mommy!  Well ok kiddo, lets do it!  Swim lessons have been on my agenda for WAY too long and this is definitely putting a fire under my booty.  Not that I am saying I am raising the next Michael Phelps, but I want Corbin to know we support all of his dreams ( and the sooner he can swim and gain that confidence the better for safety sakes!).  He has been in this “I can’t phase”  “I can’t put my shoes on mommy, I can’t get dressed, I can’t buckle my seat.”  I have been ensuring him that yes son, you in fact CAN do all of that and you have.  It is a daily struggle to coach him along through those moments when his 3 year old I can’ts really mean I don’t want to.  We have been trying to reinforce into him that you CAN do anything you put your mind to, you may not want to do it but you CAN.  I am trying so hard to eliminate the “I can’t” attitude  from our home.

dream big little boy
dream big little boy

Speaking of swimming we spent the most fun weekend camping at Splashway. I highly recommend this water park, even if you don’t have a camper a day trip would be tons of fun for the whole family!  This park is VERY family orientated and has a large number of small children’s pools, slides, and attractions.  However, it also vibes out to those thrill seekers and older kiddos with a HUGE wave pool and 7-8 giant water slides (tube, free fall, mat, etc..).  They have lots of shaded areas for free or you can rent a cabana for the day which includes an ordering service for food and drinks.  We did not get a cabana this year (we did not know anything about the park before going) but we will probably be investing in that if we go back!  You are allowed to bring your own coolers and drinks into the park, which is also big perk for those watching the family budget.  Another aspect of splashway that I just loved is how you can feel the christ centered family approach they are bringing to the table.  The world desperately needs God to be more on the forefront and this place and serving up just that!  Every day at 1 pm the whole park does a moment of silence followed by the national anthem in honor of our soldiers and veterans, every couple of songs played over loud speakers are christian based and Sundays on the campgrounds they have church.  We did not realize about church, but man what a joy it was to be coming out of the woods on our hike Sunday morning and hear the praises of Jesus blaring over the loud speakers at the campgrounds.  We will definitely be attending church on our next stay at Splashway!  The campgrounds also boast a HUGE catch and release lake (where you can also rent canoes and paddle boats), a few playgrounds, ziplines, tractor train rides, arts and crafts, live bands and so much more.  It is affordable family fun.  We booked this trip without much research but it will become  regular spot for us – even without the water park we plan on going back to the campgrounds during the off season!

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2016-08-06 13.37.31 2016-08-06 13.36.59 2016-08-06 12.23.48 2016-08-06 10.40.54



Weekend recap + August Goals

File Aug 02

It was a good weekend!  Long and busy, but good!  I worked Friday night, yes, I am one of those night shifters.  I work 7p-7a and no I don’t sleep.  I have always had the ability to function of off very little sleep but working night shift the past 2 years has really extended that ability.  For now, it’s awesome, we don’t have to worry about childcare, and I really enjoy the people I work with.  Ultimately I know that not sleeping for 36 hour stretches every couple of days is not good for your health so when my kids get more school age I will probably look for something more ‘normal.’  Andrew took the kids to the country to visit his parents.  (y’all he ROCKS daddy daycare.  all the time.  This road trip involved a hospital visit for his mom, lunch at chilis and a visit to the trampoline park – ALL by himself.  He is much braver than me :)).  His intentions were for me to be able to take a nap.  NO nap nellie over here did not take advantage of that.  Nope.  I came home work and started touching up walls and base boards for our open house and before I knew it I had to get ready for my baby sisters bridal shower (it was lovely).  Sunday was lazy.  We went grabbed some mexican for lunch (yum!) and then headed home for Andrew to do oil changes in the cars and I was on vacuum and detail duty.  I think I vacuumed up AT LEAST a pound of goldfish…no lie.  These kiddos of mine have really stretched my tolerance level on certain things.  I pray this week blesses our family and yours.  Mondays are always rough, but they are a fresh start.  Take advantage and make some goals.  Not only is today a Monday, but it the first of a month (August – what?!?!?!).  I know August brings a whole new level of anxiety as people prep for back to school.  Start the routine early so you are not scrambling at the end.  Today I plan on menu planning, re setting my fitness and weight loss goals, and maybe packing up a box or two (living on the optimistic side of life that our house will sooner than later :)).  Make it a good day guys!

2016-08-01 14.56.37
shower day for Shannyn #newbrinkersontheblock
playing at our favorite mexican food spot
playing at our favorite mexican food spot
2016-07-31 12.20.10
when did he get old enough to drink out of a big boy cup?!
2016-07-30 17.42.32
i got to visit my first baby, Shelby girl 🙂 she lives with my sister now <3
2016-07-29 19.26.43
playing with daddy’s toys from when he was a little boy


  • I want to actually set aside a quiet time each day and read my daily devotional.  I have had this one and when I do it I LOVE it.  We all need a daily dose of Jesus in our lives and I highly recommend it!


  • I want to stick to meal planning.  We have been listening to some of Dave Ramsey’s podcasts and I am all about saving money where we can.  #riceandbeansdiet
  • I LOVE reading – like nerd alert love it.  Since having kids it has totally hit the back burner and you can often find me snoozing the minute I open a page to any book.  I just can’t seem to figure out why I am so darn tired all the time 😉 Anybody who knows me knows of my uncanny ability to fall asleep anytime where…pretty sure I have fallen asleep mid sentence before.  So, hold me accountable I want to read two at least one book this month!  This is the book I want to read this month.  I am borrowing it from my mom.
  • 515p3OrN1KL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Health/fitness goals.  I LOVE my fitbit y’all.  I love competing with myself for steps.  I told you I am a nerd.  Anyways, my goal is to make use of my double jogger at least 3 times/week and lose 10 pounds.  I have GOT TO shed this baby weight I have been fondly hanging onto.  My husband totally rocked his weight loss challenge these past 2 months and I plan on keeping meals as healthy as possible.

  • less phone time = more play time.  Easier said than done. I am a total phone addict and my kids are noticing.  I want to play with them more while they think I am still cool.  Yesterday Corbin and I spent the afternoon hunting alligators and it was SO sweet.  I need more alligator hunts in my life 🙂
  • sell our house! 🙂

What are your goals for August?  I’ll hold myself accountable and update you on the last day of each month about how I did.  I might be reaching for the stars this month seeing as how it’s already August 2nd and I clearly wanted this to be posted yesterday AND I had a donut on my way home from work this morning.  I’m obviously winning over August like a champ 😉  With that said, we are all human and I plan on picking up and keeping the rest of my day/month on track!