Camp Hooper

We had the b.e.s.t. time celebrating our boys at their Camp Hooper birthday party.  The weather was perfect and we felt so blessed by all of our friends and family that came out to celebrate.  This year we did a joint party for the boys and they loved it!  We will be making this a tradition for as long as they let us!  A camping party seemed like the most appropriate theme considering our current life situation 🙂  Corbin’s one request was to have fish on his cake – you got it kid!  My mom made the pinata again this year {one of my most favorite traditions}.  She made pinatas for us as kids, and I always thought I had the coolest mom because she knew how to make a pinata.  I love that my boys now have the coolest pinata making nannie 🙂  Chick-fil-a saved the day with a last minute party tray order (like 0920 order for a 10 am party), shiply’s drive-thru donut holes won over the kids hearts and nana provided some delicious fruit!  My one pintrest inspiration for the party was s’mores trail mix.  I put a box of teddy grahams, a bag of chocolate chips, and a bag of mini marshmallows in a bowl and ta-da.  EASIEST kid loving snack ever.  I pulled some of the kids stuffed animals out of beds and brought our play teepee for decor and viola – perfect camping party!  I have so much fun celebrating birthdays and something about celebrating your babies is just extra special.  I already have a boy filled fun theme planned for next year 😉  What are some of your {easy} favorite party ideas?!

Camp Hooper
cakes, hats, and flashlight party favors = big hit
s’mores pinata is one of my favorites so far!
corbin was totally into the pinata hitting this year. bubba, maybe next year….
it wouldn’t be a 2 year old party without a tantrum
love hate relationship with the bubble machine. they love it, i hate it {such a mess} 🙂
the innocence and joy that a Pinata brings out. I LOVE it!



the day you turned two

My sweet blonde baby boy.  I do not know where the past two years have gone.  They have flown by faster than I can keep up.  You have developed the sweetest (and funniest) personality.  You do not have very many words yet, but you have no problem getting your wants and needs across.  The words you do have are the ones that are most important to you – bar, bike, mama, dada, buhhhhyyyeee, and no.  This takes me back to an important part of you to note.  Bars (like granola bars) are your love language.  Food in general is your full-time love, but bars in particular are the bees knees.  You L O V E to eat.  You love to finish your food and then start stealing others (particularly brothers)  are you really that hungry or do you love getting him riled up?!  We will never know, but you sure can pack away more food than your momma.  I pay for it in diapers J  You are the best cuddler.  Like your brother you love a good back scratch, but you also love to scratch backs.  You are an incredibly happy and laid back kid.   You are always smiling and you find just about anything comical.  You {LOVE} your brother.  You love him big.  He is your best friend, you are his little shadow and will copy everything he does down to demanding band aids on the same spot he has one.  Your heart is filled with the most innocent genuine love and every morning when you see me and daddy you act like we have been apart for a lifetime.  You are fiercely independent and your will as well is a force to be reckoned with (a running theme among you and your brother and daddy).  You love to ride your balance bike and are actually insanely fast and good at it.  You love trucks and cars of all sorts.  You love to dance and theme songs are your main jive.  Paw patrol’s song and the hot chocolate song from polar express really tip your happy scale over into pure uncontrollable joy.  Your hair is so blond its white.  It gets the best curls and your Dad and I refuse to cut it (sorry).  We love you so much bubba.  You were the perfect blonde haired baby our family needed.

birthday cinnamon rolls
you are funny 🙂



Hello Friday!

It’s been a super busy few weeks so this post is full on randomness.  Happy Friday guys and I hope you weekend is filled with fun and relaxation (mine is filled with work..sigh).


Natalie Grant.  If you don’t know Natalie Grant you are missing out.  She is such a talented Christian artist.  Her voice is amazing, her songs are amazing.  She is such an inspiration.  Find her and listen to her.  SO so so good!  I listen to KSBJ in my car and there are so many talented musicians and groups out there that sing the praises of the Lord.  If you haven’t heard of KSBJ I encourage you to flip to their station (89.3 FM) and spend some time there.  Before you know it they will be taking over your radio and your life will be changed.  Natalie also just released her new book.  I ordered my copy last night (they were 50% during her FB live release event) and I cannot wait to get in the mail. 51p-9f6xeul-_sx326_bo1204203200_


I had a kid free lunch with my momma yesterday and it was so nice; good for my soul.  Momma+mexican food = perfect day.


I love quotes.  I want to make a quote and prayer journal – I even have had a book for years waiting to be transformed.  I will start it one of these days.  I love this quote.  It is words to live by.  Be kind guys.  always.  You never know the road people are walking and the battles they are fighting.



I think it is almost time for Wyatt’s first haircut.  He has got quite a little party going on in the back.  Im just not ready…why is my baby growing up?! 🙁



I always have good intentions of waking up early and just having some me time. Some quite time with my bible, time to fold the laundry, work on my blog, etc etc etc.  I am tired though ya’ll.  SO tired.  I’m trying but it’s just not happening.  I feel like most days we are flying by the seat of our pants. I hope this changes soon.  Days when I can get at least an hour to myself before the rest of the house is awake are the BEST days.

Have a good weekend friends!

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The Last Time

Y’all my babies are growing up.  Like at lightning speed growing up.  Am I right?!  Does anybody else feel like life’s time clock went into super speed mode once kids entered your life.  I try to soak up each moment I have with my kiddos and remember all the little things about the stages they are in that I love, but its hard.  Lets be honest, some days I pray the time away just to make it to bed time and then I tuck these boys away for the night and instantly start missing them.  Being a mom is weird and hard.  This week both of my boys decided to just grow up.  Tuesday night when Andrew came home from work we were all outside playing and Corbin wanted the training wheels off his bike.  He owned it guys.  He hopped up on that 2 wheel bike like he had done it every day of his life and just took off.  As I sat there is disbelief watching my little boy (he’s only 3) zooming away on his bike I couldn’t remember the last time I watched him ride it with the training wheels still on.  I tried so hard, but I just couldn’t remember.  In that moment If I had known it was the last time his little legs would be peddling away with the help of training wheels I probably would have soaked up every moment of the “little kid” left in him.  I suppose it God’s way of protecting us as mothers; guarding our hearts, to not realize when we are experiencing “the last time” with our kids.  If we knew every last time as it was happening life would be crippled to some degree and maybe we would shelter our kids so we could experience just one more “last time” before we let them grow up.

2016-08-09 19.49.46

you can watch a movie of his ride here.

2016-07-22 19.14.36

Wyatt is my baby.  He is a big snuggly bear with so much love and smiles for miles.  He also **loves** (or loved) his bottle something fierce.  This is my boy who refused sippy cups and was just as content with his bottle empty as he was with a full one.  He too decided to grow up on me.  He dropped his bottle love overnight.  As much as I dreaded washing bottles, I now miss it.  Had I known his last bottle was his last I probably would have rocked him to sleep as he drank it and taken careful note of his adorable chubby hand doing the one hand bottle hold as he chugged it down….bottoms up.  Alas, I did not know that would be our last bottle.  I thought for sure this would be the “battle” we had with him to transition him out of.  With that said, after 15 months of existence on this earth Wyatt has found a paci and developed a severe addiction to it in about 5 seconds flat.  The baby who acted like he was gagging every time it was offered to him as an infant is now acting like he has been deprived of life’s most precious gift his whole life.  I have no clue where he found his giraffe wub a nub….bottom of the toy bin?  a recent closet raid him and big brother did together?  All I know is that I am not going to fret the fact that my toddler is loving a paci.  I will embrace it and know that soon enough he will have his last night with his giraffe and I will miss that sweet sound of his little sucks on it and how it makes him still look my baby.

2016-08-02 14.49.12

2016-06-25 12.49.27 2016-06-11 19.15.12

Love your babies.  Embrace the season, it goes by all too fast.  I know the trenches are deep when you are trudging through them, but someday you make it through and look back and think what happened, how did we get through, how did they grow up so fast?  Each day is a gift from God, treat it as if it just might be the last time.