the day you turned two

My sweet blonde baby boy.  I do not know where the past two years have gone.  They have flown by faster than I can keep up.  You have developed the sweetest (and funniest) personality.  You do not have very many words yet, but you have no problem getting your wants and needs across.  The words you do have are the ones that are most important to you – bar, bike, mama, dada, buhhhhyyyeee, and no.  This takes me back to an important part of you to note.  Bars (like granola bars) are your love language.  Food in general is your full-time love, but bars in particular are the bees knees.  You L O V E to eat.  You love to finish your food and then start stealing others (particularly brothers)  are you really that hungry or do you love getting him riled up?!  We will never know, but you sure can pack away more food than your momma.  I pay for it in diapers J  You are the best cuddler.  Like your brother you love a good back scratch, but you also love to scratch backs.  You are an incredibly happy and laid back kid.   You are always smiling and you find just about anything comical.  You {LOVE} your brother.  You love him big.  He is your best friend, you are his little shadow and will copy everything he does down to demanding band aids on the same spot he has one.  Your heart is filled with the most innocent genuine love and every morning when you see me and daddy you act like we have been apart for a lifetime.  You are fiercely independent and your will as well is a force to be reckoned with (a running theme among you and your brother and daddy).  You love to ride your balance bike and are actually insanely fast and good at it.  You love trucks and cars of all sorts.  You love to dance and theme songs are your main jive.  Paw patrol’s song and the hot chocolate song from polar express really tip your happy scale over into pure uncontrollable joy.  Your hair is so blond its white.  It gets the best curls and your Dad and I refuse to cut it (sorry).  We love you so much bubba.  You were the perfect blonde haired baby our family needed.

birthday cinnamon rolls
you are funny 🙂



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