Tuesday is the new Monday

I think 3 day weekends should be a state mandate.  anybody?  yes?  I mean I feel like my family was so much more refreshed and happier after 3 days together to just be.  I will keep dreaming.  We lived it up the country this weekend and it was SO nice and simple.  Can our house just go ahead and sell so we can make this our forever?!

corbin wyatt crusing2 trailer cows crusing curls stelladot brothers

Corbin had a fight with a piece of barb wire fence…but he won and it looks like his hand will remain attached to his body 🙂  We wrapped up the weekend by inviting ourselves over to dinner at some of our best friends house 😉  it was delicious and the kiddos were so happy to see each other and dig in the dirt and eat mulch ;).  It was really a great weekend.  Have a good week guys!

2016-09-05 19.00.14




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  1. These pictures are fabulous, you should think about becoming a photographer in your spare time lol. Love your blog keep it up. We enjoyed yalls visit to the farm this past weekend, appreciate yalls help. Love nana & pa

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