Two Weeks

Two weeks.  We are giving ourselves, as a family, two weeks to make a HUGE lifechanging decision for our family.  We are following our hearts and chasing down our dreams.  How?  The Hoopers are becoming fulltime RVers.  {insert shock face here}  Forever?  NO!  not at the moment anways.  We have a BIG dream; a vision that we see for our family.  A foundation we want to build.  5 years from now this vision includes land (at least 10 acres), cattle, chickens, and maybe a goat.  OK a small petting zoo 😉  We picture our kids having room to run, play and explore their world.  We want to teach them hands on life experiences and give them memories that will last a lifetime.  5 years from now……

For now….2 weeks.  We are in the 2 week test phase.  The trial.  We have started purging our house of all the extra {fluff} to sell and donate.  We have gone through and carefully chosen the pieces that are most important to us to store and bring with us into a new home.  We have researched RV parks (aka potential homesites) for our family to live in the meantime.  Andrew and I settled on place close to home.  It is imprortant that we both keep our jobs, the kids doctors, and the school/church community we are in.  Most importantly we want to remain close to our family and our friends that have become like family to us over the past couple of years.  Our little homestead RV park is cute.  It sports a nice size fishing pond, a quaint playground and a small swimming pool.  It is all gravel which is a dream come true for my boys (other than gravel road bike riding, that usually ends in a tantrum or two).  So, God willing, if these two weeks go well we will placing our sweet adobe on RCR for sale.  The very first house we bought together.  The house we brought our 2 babies home to.  The house that we have built some of the best friendships and memories in.  The good thing about this house is that it just a house; a beautiful house.  It provided the walls and roof over our heads to start our lives.  No, we cant take the walls with us, but we can take our boys, our friendships and our memories….The people and things we cherish the most.  If our house sells in a timely manner then we are becoming full time RVers.  We are packing up and making #homewiththehoopers mobile.  Home is where your heart is.  Our home will just happen to be on wheels for the next couple of years and we plan on living it up.  We will be able to pack up and go in the blink of an eye.  Once we find some land, the perfect land, we will move the home of the Hoopers to that location and start the building of our forever barn home.

Day 1 is complete.  We are all alive and well.  Better actually than before we started.  The night before our jouney was starting the baby and I came down with a terrible stomach flu.  Yesterday (moving day) was pretty rough for us.  We had ZERO energy and felt super crummy.  Andrew and Corbin did an awesome job loading up as much as they could and getting the camper parked and settled.  Wyatt and I joined later that evening.  So, for me, I am officially counting today as our first day.  Andrew got off to work and the kids and I loaded up and went back to the house.  haha.  Not kidding.  I forgot so much stuff.  I totally got busted by my neighbors and friends as well for cheating.  After gathering the rest of our needed supplies we headed back to the camper for real life.  And it was good.  We played, we picnicked, we napped.  I did make a ‘must have’ and ‘honey do’ list for my hubby in order for this to work and run smoothly with 2 small children underfoot. I will keep you posted on those once everything is complete!

PicMonkey Collage

Home with the Hoopers = Hooper circus.  Everyday is an adventure and I can’t wait.





3 thoughts on “Two Weeks”

  1. Visited our RVers today and pleasantly surprised how organized they are. We had a great lunch of chili cheese dogs and Fritos. I seasoned supper hamburgers and chicken while JANELLE made dirt cake with cute worms in a blue bucket with shovel (really brought back memories of making it for ANDREW. I was so worried about them leaving their beautiful house but they are definately loving the RV life. As they say it’s just stuff and they can replace it whenever, they are truly healthy and happy and have a real goal of getting land and raising their family on Gods country. Have enjoyed our visit and can’t wait till the next one.

  2. You want neighbors?! ? We just put our house on the market and not sure where we are going to live next LOL! If we end up homeless I’ll be in touch ?. Y’all have fun!!

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