we are among the rich and famous

We were recently featured in a blog post by The Wandering RV.  Bill reached out to us to contribute to a post he did about why we chose to go full-time in our RV.  Along with 20 other full-timers our story got featured in his post and we are SO pumped to be listed among the elite of the RV world.  We are total newbies, so when a fellow rv-er reached out to us, we totally geeked out.  #nerdalert.  Check it out folks and then make a mental note that you know a famous family 🙂  Thanks Bill!  Let us know when you are in Texas!

I really love how our super awesome Chrismas card photo was used for our photo. #winnning



1 thought on “we are among the rich and famous”

  1. Hey, guys!! It was our pleasure, thank YOU for being involved!

    We’ll definitely let you know when we’re in Texas! 🙂

    And welcome to the “rich and famous” 😉

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