What Should Have Been…

April 19.  Today was the day we were set to re-list our house.  I am SO grateful that God showed us grace and mercy and spared us from having to go through that process again.  It was SO stressful.  So, today, I am especially grateful that we are D O N E.  We are going into month of full-time RV strong – and with a broken refrigerator.  It just stopped working late Monday afternoon after a huge storm rolled through and about an hour before I was set to leave for work.  We are so grateful that our RV park owner just happened to have empty deep freezer not in use and for our neighbors who offered up their HUGE cooler without hesitation.  Our freshly bought groceries were spared!  We are still in the process of getting it repaired so in the mean time we are truly roughing it 😉  But seriously, I will never take our refrigerator for-granted again and I will say a little prayer of thanks every time I open that thing once it is repaired.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with our family.  We celebrate every year by going to church at Briscoe Manor (we got married there, and I love the tradition of bringing out kids back there every year).  After church we headed back to the camper and hunted eggs and did some chores before heading to Nannie’s house!  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner, the traditional Easter basket cake and confetti egg hunt.  It was such a nice time and I love building these family traditions.

best buds
annual Easter cross picture. Andrew made this cross 🙂

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!  What is your blessing today?




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