Yogi Bear Jellystone Halloween

We spent our weekend at Yogi Bear Jellystone RV in Waller.  We have camped at this RV resort before, but this was our first Halloween experience there.  It was a BLAST!  It was so much fun to just be surrounded by family and friends all weekend and to watch the kids play and ride bikes/scooters until their little bodies just couldn’t take anymore.  We played hard…and we ate lots of candy {perfect weekend}.  I recommend Yogi camping for sure.  If you don’t have an RV they have cabins to rent.  We usually tend toward the state parks without all the activities and hustle and bustle but the kiddos sure do love this place.  They have water slides, pools. a lazy river, a train, fishing in the lake, outdoor movie, a HUGE play-set.  I mean from the eyes of child this place is basically heaven on earth 🙂 I would say overall the park amenities can be updated a little bit, but overall this is one of our top close to home go to family fun spots.  We already pre-booked Halloween for next year.  Let the tradition making begin!





We had a washer and dryer unit installed for when (hopefully sooner than later) we go full-time.  I was nervous to use it, but man I love it!  A little dude gave us a very special first load when he decided to get sick in the middle of the night-that was fun.  BUT it worked like a charm and Andrew and I were feeling especially grateful at that moment.


We had our annual RCR Halloween party.  Pizza, treats, friends, pictures and trick-or-treating.  One of these years our clan will get it together.  Last year we were struck with a hand foot mouth outbreak and this year the moo-cow child of mine decided to lose his dinner right as we walking out the door and the little sheep made it to 3 houses with our crew before he promptly chucked his candy bucket across a yard and threw a fit because I wouldn’t let him eat EVERY piece of candy as it was put in his bucket.  It was awesome.  I have a feeling next year will be our year – except we will have to loan a house on RCR to host our bash at because HOPEFULLY we will be full-time by then – any volunteers {ahem, misty?} :).

snapchat filter fun and goofball brothers
snapchat filter fun and goofball brothers


Corbin chose our farm animal theme this year and assigned us costumes!

Hope everybody is enjoying their post candy crashed kids today 😉



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  1. We also had a great time at yogi. The costumes are a sight to see. It was so much
    Fun to be with family and friends. Looking
    Forward to next year with y’all. Love y’all

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